Summer is fast approaching its end...these are some of my fondest memories of Summer's past 🌞🌜✨

  1. Coca-cola in glass bottles 1980-1984
    My mom worked in a small beauty salon when I was a toddler. We had an old fashioned coke machine that only held coke in glass bottles. I can still remember the smell of that machine and the taste of ice cold coke in a glass bottle. Nothing better than drinking one on a hot summer day in Georgia.
  2. Tybee Island, Georgia 1980-1984
    We went every Thursday in summer. We always went to the same little diner and I always had a corn dog and French fries. On the way home my mom would buy me a bag of Cheetos and my favorite part was licking the neon orange off my fingers.
  3. Kiowa Island, South Carolina 1989-94
    We went to the beach a lot when I was a kid. When we lived in SC, Kiowa Island was about a 30 minute drive. A lot of it went through the Gullah communities and I'd see the women sitting on their porches making baskets. Even at 12, I knew it was a special place.
  4. Logan Canyon, Logan UT 1995-97
    Logan UT is the most beautiful place I have lived. In high school my friends and I spent so much time in this canyon. The shining star of my less than stellar high school experience.
  5. Austin City Limits 2007
    And just the summer of 07 in general. It was the most carefree, fun period of my life. I didn't know it then but by the next summer I would be pregnant. Surprise! And married! What?!? (Don't worry it worked out) So this was the last period of my life before I had to become responsible for someone other than me.
  6. Summer's with my grandmother in Florida 2007-2014
    My Nanny lived in Florida the last years of her life, in Cocoa Beach. I went every summer for at least a week. At first just me, then when I had a family, they came too. I still miss her so much and I'm so grateful I spent the time with her that I did.