1. The day my first son was born. It was a hard pregnancy with a difficult, scary ending. But he came out screaming! He was alive!
    And I fell in love instantly. I spent my whole pregnancy disconnected from what was growing in my belly. The first moment I saw him, I was in love!
  2. The day my youngest was born. Not as difficult of a pregnancy but I still didn't feel connected to him until I saw him with my own eyes!
    He was completely awake for the first 8 hours. I spent the whole time looking into his eyes. It was magic.
  3. The day I met my husband. I just knew he was it for me. I never looked back.
  4. The day we became homeowners.
  5. The day I quit my soul sucking job at the bank.
  6. The day I learned my dad was in remission.
  7. The first day I spent in Santa Fe
    Every day I've spent in Santa Fe
  8. The first day I ran 10 miles
  9. The day I swam with manatees
  10. The final day of ACL 2007
    Waited all day at the stage for Bloc Party, My Morning Jacket and Bob Dylan.
  11. Every day I've spent camping.
  12. The day I found out I didn't have cancer.
  13. The beginning of every road trip
  14. The day I spent with my mother and grandmother in Cocoa Beach FL. We wandered along the beach all day, ate seafood on the water for dinner, spent the night drinking champagne and playing cards and ended the night with my grandmother teaching me The Shag on the beach at midnight.
  15. The day I spent in Key West
  16. The day I spent in San Francisco
    It ended with a Van Morrison concert
  17. Willie's picnic 2005