1. I'm one who always tries to see the Light at the end of the tunnel.
    I'm an optimist in my heart of hearts
  2. I tend to believe that people are mostly good, that we can make a difference, that love really does win in the end.
  3. Today I'm in real fear that this grand experiment, this Republic has seen its last great days, at least for a long time.
    I'm terrified for my children, my friends who are people of color, my working class white family and friends who have just bought magic beans from a charlatan.
  4. So I'm having a really, really hard time seeing any light today.
  5. So thank you li.st, you have been my one bright place, my safe space, my place to grieve today.
    The one place I think I can maybe see a glimmer of light in the far, far distance. Admittedly very far and not very bright. But maybe something will grow from that, it has to right? If we have any hope of surviving this it does.
  6. And right now that means everything to me. 💙💙💙💙