I left my purse under the passenger seat. Someone busted the window and took it. 😒
  1. My DL
  2. My youngest son's social security card
  3. Now canceled credit cards
  4. 15.00 in sonic food (purchased with cc before I could cancel)
    I should get that back
  5. Checks to now closed account
  6. Cub Scout patches
  7. Chap stick
  8. An inexpensive cross my parents gave me that had fallen off a broken chain
  9. Toddler socks
  10. Granola bar
  11. Cubscout clasp for a neckerchief
  12. Receipts
  13. Library card
  14. Medical insurance cards
  15. Hair ties
  16. Almost full bottle of Wellbutrin
  17. A voter registration card
  18. Maybe .75 cents
  19. Thirty dollar target purse
  20. 100 dollar coach wallet
    At least it was old
  21. My son's church doodles