Inspired by @pili_ervin I realize this list may sound super sad, but I promise I grew up to be a fairly happy, well adjusted grown up. It only took years of therapy and medication 😂
  1. Fire fighters
    I was convinced they started fires instead of putting them out. So whenever I saw a fire truck I would start screaming. Must have been super fun for my parents!
  2. Other children
    I did have friends, but friendships took me a long time to develop. Random children scared me. I would refuse to play at playgrounds when there were other kids there.
  3. Black people
    I know that seems ridiculous and it's embarrassing to admit! But I grew up in the Deep South in the 80s. I was raised by a racist father (he's not anymore) So I never really talked to or interacted with black people. Music and The Cosby Show taught me that black people were not scary. Also I had a black teacher for the first time in fifth grade(Mrs Fields!) That made a huge difference. We couldn't tell my father though. Crazy to think about now.
  4. Being left by my parents
    This was a totally irrational fear. They never threatened to leave me or anything. But in my mind, I was convinced they would leave me at school or camp or wherever I was, and not come back to get me.
  5. Showering with the curtain closed
    I didn't like not being able to see the whole bathroom. Someone could sneak in without me knowing. I would get in trouble all the time for getting water all over the bathroom. It was because I was afraid to close the curtain but I was too embarrassed to tell my parents.
  6. My dad (I feel like I should add here, that we have a great relationship now. People can and do change!)
    He had a crazy temper. The worst part was not knowing what would set him off. So even when he was nice, I was afraid because I never knew when he'd stop being nice. And the longer period of time he was nice, the more afraid I got because I knew it was just a matter of time.
  7. God
    I was raised Southern Baptist. So it was a lot of fire and brimstone. I was convinced I was going to Hell. I had nightmares about it all the time. It was awful.