Inspired by @gagneet
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    I believed we were possibly the dreams of Giants
    The dreamers were Giants, so of course their dreams were extra long. My logic: everything about them was bigger and therefore longer. Our lives were their dreams.
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    I believed that the way people kissed on tv wasn't the way people actually kiss.
    I blame my mom for this one! One day I saw a couple "French kiss" on tv. I asked my mom why they kissed that way. She said that's just how they kiss on tv. I think I was 16 before I figured it out😗😂
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    I believed in leprechauns!
    I was convinced they could make themselves very tiny and lived in clover patches. I spent many summer afternoons combing through clover. Sadly, they were always too clever for me to find them ☘
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    I believed that somewhere in our house, there were secret passages and rooms. I thought if I looked hard enough I would find them.
    They were well hidden 🗝
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    I believed in magic!
    I would lay a blanket down, close my eyes, say a spell and things would appear under the blanket when I opened my eyes! This only worked when I did it with my parents right there.🔮
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    I believed Firemen started fires 🚒
    Just another reason it's better to call them Fire Fighters.