Inspired by @ashleyanwiler who I share crazy similar things with. If we met on the street we would probably fall all over ourselves explaining the same things to each other 😂
  1. That I'm a Christian, but also I know science is real and I'm a Democrat
  2. Why I'm a stay at home mom and we aren't rich. And that yes I'm a feminist, I have a degree, and I've held real jobs before.
  3. That I know my house is small, and only (gasp) 3 bedrooms, no formal dining room, formal living room or game room, but we like it that way.
  4. That I'm proud my husband is a cop, but I also know there are a lot of problems with police in America.
  5. That I got my tattoos when I was young.
  6. That I eat a mostly vegan diet because of my high cholesterol. Not because I'm trying to be trendy, or different.
  7. My awkwardness
  8. My son's speech issues. He's smart, he knows exactly what you're saying, and exactly what he is saying, you just can't understand him. And yes he's in speech therapy.
  9. Why my son doesn't go to "real" preschool this year or probably not next year either. He's got this whole speech thing we're working on...
  10. That my boys (who look very different from each other) have the same biological parents. I don't explain it, per se, but I make sure it's known.