Don't get me wrong I LOVE this time of year but I also LOVE to complain! 😁
  1. People who get offended by Happy Holidays.
    This stressed me out so much when I worked at a bank. The receipts said happy holidays and people complained constantly. 🙄
  2. Christmas decorations go up around Halloween.
    Can I not enjoy each holiday as they come? By the time Christmas Eve rolls around I'm over it.
  3. Those car bumper stickers that say Jesus is the reason for the season or Keep Christ in Christmas.
    And I'm a practicing Episcopalian, btw. But I don't feel the need to rub it in people's faces or force them to celebrate my religious holiday.
  4. Elf on The Shelf
    First of all they are creepy as fuck. We don't do it at my house because I don't tie gifts to behavior. But my kid's friends do! And my kids don't understand why that creepy elf doesn't come to our house.
  5. So many toy commercials
    My kids don't even watch that much tv but somehow they find out about every cheap stupid toy that they won't really play with and they convince themselves they have to have it.
  6. I have to usually see my husband's family.
    They are generally pretty awful but I'll have to suck it up and have them over at least once.