1. And everyone else on here. You have been my saving grace since this nightmare began.
  2. My church
    I didn't go Sunday because I was afraid of what I'd hear. But today I learned that my Priest stood on the altar and told everyone that we are Christians and we protect and stand by those who are persecuted. He said he didn't care who we voted for but now everyone was to stand up for those who feel afraid. He got a standing ovation. And y'all that doesn't happen in an uptight Episcopal church!
  3. Wine 🍷
  4. My kids. They don't understand what's going on. They are still happy, loving and full of light.
  5. Local Progressive Groups
    Who are finally, finally fed up and ready to work (me included)
  6. Anger
    Because I refuse to become complacent
  7. My parents who have spoken to me but have wisely avoided any mention of politics or current events.
    I don't want to cut them out of my life. I want my children to continue to spend time with them. I am cautiously optimistic. We will see how Thanksgiving goes.