Things I'm into: summer edition

  1. Binge watching Powerpuff girls
    My 7 year old discovered this. I'd never watched before but it's amazing
  2. Swimming and more swimming
    Texas is hot, y'all.
  3. Going to the movie theater
    My 3 year old can now sit through kid movies at the theater! This makes me so happy. Going to the movies is one of my favorite things!
  4. Barbecues with friends
    That turn into late nights with the kids running around outside or watching movies way past their bedtimes, making memories (I hope) they will treasure forever.
  5. Farmers market for tomatoes and onions
    I have a tomato and onion problem. I count down the days until I can get fresh sweet onions and real tomatoes each summer. So at least 2 times a week we drive 30 minutes there and back.
  6. Making bruschetta
    Goes along with the ungodly amount of tomatoes I've been buying 😬
  7. Stranger Things
    On Netflix. It's so, so, so good!
  8. The RNC and soon the DNC
    I'm a political junkie. Even with crazy Donnie. I can't help it. I love this stuff.