Things I'm into this week (election recovery addition)

  1. Halo Top ice cream
    Low in calories. So I can eat an entire pint and it's only 240 calories. Yes I did open one last night and tossed the top in the trash.
  2. Boom Chicka Pop
    Specifically the salted caramel
  3. The Liberal Redneck Manifesto. I bought this before the election but am just reading it now.
    If y'all don't know who Trae Crowder is please look up The Liberal Redneck! He is what I am. Very southern AND very liberal. Also funny as hell.
  4. St Arnold's Sailing Santa
    One of my favorite beers that only comes this time of year. I bought some yesterday and can't wait to imbibe.
  5. Teen Titans Go
    My kids love this and it's funny.
  6. Family Guy reruns
    Because they always make me laugh