I'm not real big on New Year resolutions but it's been a tough summer and fall and I'm really looking to get things going again!
  1. Get back up to running 20-25 miles a week
    I had some major dental problems this fall(still ongoing) and I had to stop training for my marathon. Hoping after Jan 5th I'll be able to start training again. I probably will still have to postpone my marathon until 2018 though.
  2. Start bullet journaling again
    I did really good for about 6 months with it. I love it! I fell off though in the last month. Ready to start again with a fresh shiny new journal!
  3. Lose the 10lbs that crept back on in the last 3 months
    Weight gain mostly due to not being able to exercise for the past 3 months!
  4. Go to CO next November
    My best friend is moving there! We plan to take the boys to visit the week of Thanksgiving. They'll see snow for the first time!
  5. Read more books
    I haven't read a real book in at least 2 months. Need to lay off news articles and read something that doesn't have anything to do with current events
  6. At least start scrapbooks for my boys
  7. Buy a new wardrobe that I actually like.
    Buy clothes that are my style, but don't make me look too much like either a kid or a slobby, middle aged stay-at-home mom (I'm actually both)
  8. Make reoccurring hair appointments for every 2 months
    I like my hair short but hate going to get it cut.
  9. Get professional family pictures made
  10. Spend as much time outside as possible