1. Ask a famous person for a picture/autograph
    Not because I'm too cool but because I really, really try to avoid speaking to people I don't know. *Bob Dylan is the exception
  2. Hit my kids
    Nope. Not ever.
  3. Cheat on my spouse
    I've never cheated on any partner and I don't plan to.
  4. Vote Republican
    Unless Lincoln is reincarnated. Or we get the Democrat version of Trump, somehow.
  5. Skydive
    Hell no. Except maybe the indoor one, but I don't think that counts.
  6. Take a jäger bomb shot ever again
    The most disgusting drink, imo. Could be occasionally talked into them in my 20s. But I'm too old for that crap now.
  7. Stop cussing
    I just don't really want to.