Donald Trump and his followers can go fuck themselves. Seriously. I'm done being nice. Also I probably didn't respond the right way to my son's statements. But damn, how do you know the right way to respond to this shit?
  1. 6 Does Donald Trump hate me?
    Donald Trump loves only himself.
  2. 5 Is Hillary Clinton Evil?
  3. 4 Nick says he's a little racist.
    Sometimes kids say things that their parents say. That doesn't mean your friend is a bad guy. You can still be his friend.
  4. 3 I'm not sure I should dress up as Harry Potter because I'm brown and Harry Potter isn't. (Friday morning he said this as he was getting ready for the story book parade at school)
    Of course you should dress like Harry Potter. Dress up is about pretend. It makes no difference that your skin is darker than the actor who played Harry in the films. I promise.
  5. 2 I wish I was American and not Hispanic. (Thursday he said this)
    You are an American. You are everything that is good about America. And you are Hispanic like your dad and grandfather (who are also both Americans) You are exactly who you are supposed to be.
  6. 1 I wish my skin was white and not brown. (Just tonight, he said this)
    (Me without thinking) Who told you it was bad to have brown skin? It doesn't matter who it was. Next time someone says something about your skin color, you tell them to go fuck themselves. I'll handle your teacher. You won't be punished. I promise. Don't let them get away with it. Your daddy and I have your back.
  7. I realize I said the exact wrong thing tonight. Who tells their 8 year old they say can tell another kid to go fuck themselves? Not my proudest moment as a parent.
    I know it was wrong. Then again, when does a kid think it's ok to say something about another kid's skin color? And get away with it? It's 2016!
  8. Being a human is hard. Being a parent is hard. It's just all hard.