Everything just seems to be terrible right now. I'm going to concentrate more on what is good. The things that make my heart ache with love and gratitude.
  1. Watching my old dog sleep
    She is so good and sweet. She seems to sleep more than anything else these days. But she is comfortable and loved and well cared for. And I'm so grateful we were able to give a dog who spent most of her youth living in the streets, a home to grow old in.
  2. My youngest turns three today!
    Nothing is more bittersweet than my kid's birthdays.
  3. I found my oldest asleep on the couch this morning
    I asked him why and he said he didn't want to miss his brother walking in and seeing all of his balloons and presents for the first time
  4. My church
    It's a loving, welcoming environment and is so supportive of my children and my family. They are so good and kind, it's hard to believe I'm fortunate enough to have people like that in my life
  5. My oldest is doing a drama summer camp
    He almost wouldn't go. He was so embarrassed to sing and dance in front of people. But last night I caught him singing the songs to himself. And this morning he couldn't wait to get there.