6 weeks ago my world flipped upside down. And yes I'm a fragile fucking snowflake if there are any Trumpers reading this, that I haven't blocked.
  1. I'm not as optimistic.
    Do I still think Love wins in the end? Maybe, I'm not sure. I want it to be so but I not real confident anymore.
  2. My eyes are truly open now.
    I did not know how strong the white, racist patriarchy actually was. I do now. I won't underestimate them again.
  3. I have reached out to find new friends
    After the election, I felt very alone. I've always been ok being the lone liberal in a sea of red, but after Nov 9th, I felt a strong need to reach out to find others like me, people who share my same political beliefs and ideals. I even started a local progressive parenting group. We have 71 members so far!
  4. I no longer trust that our institutions will save us.
  5. I have found a closeness with internet friends that I didn't know was possible!
    Looking at you @lexie_elyse @Boogie @karlalucia @MissJess just to name a few! 😘 And everyone else on this app! You all have been a lifeline! Y'all aren't just internet friends anymore, you're actual friends.
  6. Many of my old friendships have suffered.
    I find it hard to relate to people who aren't terrified by what's happening.
  7. I'm activated
    I've been a peaceful, live and let live Liberal my whole life. I'm ready to fight now.
  8. I'm afraid for my children
    Afraid they will have to fight in the next world war. Afraid they won't have the same educational opportunities I did. Afraid what kind of world we are creating for this next generation.
  9. Its no longer liberal v conservative or Democrat v Republican
    It's Donald and his minions v the rest of us. Also not picking a side is siding with Donald. You're either with us or not. It's never been clearer.