Inspired by @roaringsoftly
  1. Grits with slice of American cheese, butter, salt, and pepper
  2. Coke in glass bottles
  3. Apple sauce with red hots
    And I just realized my kids have never had this!
  4. Minute steak and mashed potatoes
  5. Sweet tea
  6. Sour cream pound cake
  7. Rice with stewed tomatoes
  8. Low country boil
  9. Ice cream sandwiches
  10. BLT's
  11. Fried shrimp and hush puppies
    We ate at the same restaurant almost every Sunday. I always got fried shrimp.
  12. Fried chicken
  13. Fried green tomatoes
    And I realize it may seem like we ate a lot of fried food (we did) but it was usually just once a week! And much less as I got older.