Things That Were Cool At My High School

Inspired by @mkell30 @Boogie and all the others
  1. Driving up and down Main Street on Friday and Saturday nights
    Actual downtown Logan, UT
  2. Driving to Bear Lake and getting raspberry milkshakes
  3. Snow Boarding and skiing @Beaver Mountain
  4. North face fleeces
  5. Jelly shoes
  6. Being Mormon
  7. Boys with both ears pierced
  8. Body suits
    And they were not flattering to girls like me who had a little extra weight on them 😐
  9. Parties with alcohol?
    So the popular kids all drank at parties. I never went to those parties so I'm not 100% sure about this one.
  10. Game nights with your Ward
    Mormons are amazing game players and inventors! The nerdy kids went to Ward parties. I had a friend in the neighborhood who always invited me.
  11. Spice Girls
    My senior year
  12. Birkenstocks
  13. Bush
    I still love you 90's Gavin Rossdale 😍