1. My oldest would tell every cashier "my daddy is sleeping. He always sleeps."
    He never added because he works nights 😳
  2. When I was buying sanitary pads and my then three year old yelled "momma wears diapers!" Over and over, laughing harder each time he said it. 😳
  3. When my 2 1/2 ran around the park slapping his behind, yelling "slap my booty" at the top of his lungs
    Apparently my older son's friend taught him that. He still says it sometimes 😳
  4. When my barely 2 year old started saying "shit" when he would drop something
    I know it was totally my fault and I'm a horrible parent. But at least he doesn't say it anymore😳
  5. When my oldest prayed out loud in kids church, for me to never lock him out of the house again.
    The day before, I had run outside to grab something, didn't realize he had followed me, so I went back in and locked the door. Literally as soon as I locked it, he knocked and I opened the door and let him in. But it freaked him out. 😳