Because I don't want him to think being a Republican is a bad thing, even if it's not what I am.
  1. He first asked me what other Republicans have run for President. (He has only ever known Obama and doesn't remember his reelection)
    I told him about McCain in 08 and how he is a war hero and is someone I respect very much even if I don't always agree with him.
  2. Then we talked about Mitt Romney
    And I told him that I think he is a compassionate man and he wanted what is best for this country even if I don't agree with a lot of what he says.
  3. And we talked about George HW Bush (who's probably my favorite Republican President since I've been alive)
    And how he is voting for Hillary because he cares more about this country than party lines. And that it's brave to do the right thing when everyone wants you to do something else.
  4. And then we talked about Trump and why I don't like him and why many Republicans don't like him.
    And why he's scary in a way no other candidate, Republican or Democrat, has been.
  5. And we also talked about people who support Trump (like his grandmother)
    And I told him that people who are afraid find comfort in what Trump says. They probably feel like things are changing too fast and they want Trump to slow that down. They are afraid of what is different from them. He acknowledges and stokes that fear.
  6. Their fear clouds their judgement
    But we still love them. And we just hope for the best.
  7. Anyway this is just me laying my thoughts out and making sure what I said was ok.
    I think it was.