It's not all bad, I guess
  1. Highly unlikely to leave the iron plugged in
  2. Highly unlikely to judge you on your weirdness
    I'm weird, you're weird, we're all weird!
  3. I always use my seatbelt and my kids are always correctly buckled into their car seats
  4. My hand washing game is strong
  5. I get lots of exercise
    Because it helps my anxiety so much
  6. My kids always get their flu shots and other vaccines right on time
    When swine flu was first a thing, my toddler was one of the first 100 in our county to get his vaccine against it.
  7. I'm punctual
  8. I always finish my antibiotics
  9. Highly likely that your companion animal will love me
  10. Your kids too.
    They are so much easier to talk to.