It is not always easy making new friends as a mom. At least it isn't for me. Of course what's below could be why? 😬💁🏻
  1. Hello, nice to meet you! When any weird thing happens with my body or my kid's body I assume it's cancer! Do you do that too?
  2. I love your shoes! I wish I could wear heels but I have these bunions and high heels hurt! It's not fair, but it's hereditary and the surgery for it sucks! So I'm here in my boring flats...I love your shoes!
  3. Hey, you seem super cool. I am not super cool. I'm actually about to say some really awkward, not funny things. Play along? Please?
  4. Oh you have the children? I have the children too! We can be friends, right?
  5. Hi, yes I am white woman in Texas but for the love of all that's holy, I am a Democrat!
  6. Hey, I don't really feel like complaining about being a mom. It's actually not that horrible, you know? Like, it has its ups and downs but so does life in general and I just met you so maybe you just need a therapist?
  7. I'm sorry you are so busy. My life is full, but I'm actually not super busy. In fact when I start feeling too busy, I cut back. Maybe you should try that?
  8. My husband is a good husband and dad, I don't really have anything to complain about? Sorry!