This has been hanging around in my drafts for awhile. I really enjoyed reading @amieshmamie list so I hit publish!
  1. My legs
    I run a lot and my legs are amazing because of that.
  2. My tattoos
    All of them, even the silly little flash I got as soon as I turned 18. All those people who said I would regret my ink as I aged didn't know what they were talking about.
  3. My sense of humor
    I can find the funny in anything. Not always appropriate, so I don't always share😬
  4. My love of learning
    I'm just of average intelligence, but I am curious and that's more important than IQ sometimes
  5. My stomach
    Rounded, loose skinned and covered with silver stretch marks. It held my babies.
  6. I'm kind
    I actively seek out ways to be kind to others
  7. I speak my mind
    Even when I'm afraid
  8. I can find something to like about almost anyone
    And I like most people I meet
  9. I'm a good cook
    I can follow a recipe or make it up as I go along and it usually turns out pretty good.
  10. I'm nice to kids and teens
    And I actually like both
  11. I'm always on time
  12. I enjoy exercise
  13. I'm anxious most of the time but I don't let it stop me from living
  14. I read really fast