I've seen a couple of similar lists floating around!
  1. Seriously, not a big deal that you haven't had sex or even kissed someone. Really.
    Your future husband will not care in the least that you didn't lose your virginity until you were 21. And yeah, sorry you have a couple more awkward years, but you will live through it and be fine.
  2. Your going to have a first boyfriend in a couple of years
    And he's going to be awful and break your heart. But don't waste time being too sad. Literally every other guy you date will be way better than him.
  3. Oh, and first boyfriend will weirdly pop back up in your life 8 years later and stalk you for a bit.
    So actually It would be best to skip this boyfriend. His name is Rick. Just avoid all guys with that name👍
  4. Start running now!
    You will pick up running as a hobby in your 30s and it will change your life. Why not start now? Seriously, it will help.
  5. Eat your vegetables
    And leave the fast food alone. I know you can lose weight by just eating one fast food meal a day, but it's just not the best way to manage your weight. . In your 30s you will develop scary high cholesterol levels and it would just be better to avoid that altogether.
  6. Don't get married at 26
    You'll probably do it anyway, because you're stubborn. But it will only last a year and you will have unnecessarily hurt a super decent man. BUT a year after you divorce him, you meet the father of your children!
  7. Don't smoke!!!! Not once!
    You will pick up the nasty habit your sophomore year in college, because you're awkward and it kinda helps? But not really and it will take you a decade to quit! Yuck!
  8. Stop worrying so much about what people think of you.
    Really, it doesn't help. It just makes you even more awkward! Really, you are fine. You are attractive enough, you aren't fat, you're smart and funny. You have it all! Promise ❤️