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    This is about one of my good friends, not a super close friend, but I've known her a long time!
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    We were pregnant together during my first pregnancy.
    Our boys are only a day apart!
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    So our boys have been friends since birth. They live about 30 minutes away now so we don't see them as much as we used to.
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    She threw a party for her husband's birthday. We couldn't go because I frankly didn't want to pay for a baby sitter to go😬
    So I offered to let her son spend the night so he'd get to spend time with Gabriel and be out of their hair.
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    I love this friend, I do, but both her and her husband support Trump 🙃
    She only supports Trump because her husband does. She's one of those women who go along with whatever the man says.🙄
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    She recently told me Pitbull was a racist. So....yeah.
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    Super sweet girl but just isn't quite all there, you know?
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    Anyway I've rambled on long enough.
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    The problem is her son won't stop talking about the election!!😐 And how Trump is going to make America great again! 🙄🙄🙄
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    And I can't say anything!
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    So that's my night.
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    Hope yours is better 😬😂
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    Goodnight ❤️