1. When I was 12 years old in 7th grade, a new power couple came on the scene.
    Bill and Hillary Clinton
  2. Me at 12: chubby, shy, awkward, depressed, terrible at school because of the above.
    I was bullied a lot. It sucked.
  3. I was bullied even more when Hill became a household name
    Those little shits wrote Hillary Clinton on everything I owned. Teachers snickered. It was awful that they hated me and her so much.
  4. But it didn't make me hate her. What it did do was make me pay attention to her.
  5. She was strong, smart, capable, seemingly unaffected by those who hated her.
    I wanted to be her.
  6. I don't know exactly when I decided I was a progressive, I feel like I have always been this way.
    But I know she gave me courage. She helped me be proud and outspoken about the way I see the world.
  7. So when she lost to Barack I was sad.
    But he was so amazing! And he appointed her as Secretary of State. I was proud.
  8. I prayed and wished and hoped she'd run again.
  9. And she did.
  10. I cried when I voted for her.
  11. I cried Election night when I realized something had gone really, really wrong.
  12. I cried all day the next day and I still cry sometimes.
  13. She won the popular vote by more than 2 million and still counting.
  14. Why she lost?
    Oh sure, pollsters got it wrong, the white working class, she's just unlikeable, blah blah blah.
  15. She lost because she is a woman.
    That vein of misogyny that ran right down the center of the media's coverage of her campaign lost her the election. The FBI lost her the election. Russia lost her the election. They all hate her because of what she is.
  16. They hate her because she is smart, strong AND female.
  17. That's why I can't get over it.
  18. They elected an unqualified narcissistic bully over a highly qualified, capable woman.
  19. And now? Racists think they won. Sexists think they won. Fucking Russia won! Good people are afraid with good reason. I'm afraid. I'm terrified of what may happen.
  20. All because they hate her.
    Oh and if I see one more "Should have gone with Bernie!" I'm going to scream! It's cute how you think a Jewish atheist would have done better.
  21. And they hate us too - the feminists, people of color, immigrants, Jews, the LGBTQ, the handicapped, Muslims, the Christian Left. They hate us all so much that they handed our country over to a madman.
  22. That's just not something you get over.