Ok, so children are kind of a pain in the ass. You have to worry about them all the time! All the time. BUT there are some good things! Promise.
  1. You always have an excuse to get out of anything!
    Seriously. Your kids are sick. You can't possibly go to whatever horrible function you are trying to avoid. 👍
  2. They think you're amazing
    At least until they hit puberty. But 11ish years old and under? You're amazing, funny, beautiful, smart, perfect in their eyes! 😍
  3. You will never love anything as much as the little person you are responsible for
    Holy shit. It's super overwhelming sometimes. These little people capture your heart and they don't let go. Ever.
  4. They are funny
    Without even trying, they are little comedians. I dare you not to laugh at a toddler making a poop joke.
  5. You get to do fun kid things!
    Of course you can do them without kids! But they give you an excuse to jump on a trampoline, swing, ride roller coasters, water slides, watch cartoons, eat Kraft macaroni and cheese!
  6. They find joy in things that you forgot were joyful.
    Christmas, Halloween, walks in the park? All are more enjoyable when you see them through a kid's eyes.
  7. They will make you want to be better
    Since having kids, I've become more outgoing, kind, generous, and patient.
  8. You get to try to do better than your parents did.
    I know a lot of people have amazing parents. But for me, I get to be the parent to my kids, that I needed when I was growing up. It's healing.
  9. They are a part of you
    And also completely separate from you. It's a bit surreal. You do your best to give them a solid foundation, but you have to let go and just see who they are supposed to be. It's humbling and amazing to watch them become fully themselves.