I knew nothing about Tim before Hillary picked him as her VP. But after reading his Wikipedia page and a few articles about him, I've got to say I like what I'm seeing!
  1. Young Tim Kaine was hot!
    Sorry just putting that out there first 😁
  2. He's fluent in Spanish
  3. He's been married to his wife since 1984
  4. His oldest son is a Marine
  5. He's belonged to the same congregation for over 30 years
  6. He plays the harmonica
    Wonder if he likes Bob Dylan?
  7. The New York Times wrote "He's an old fashioned liberal driven by Jesuit ideals"
    You mean a Christian who isn't part of the Right? 👍
  8. He practiced law before getting into politics and specialized in fair housing law
  9. He's never lost an election
  10. Although personally anti-choice, he supports Row V Wade and thinks the government should stay out of it
  11. Also personally anti-death penalty but oversaw 11 executions while Governor of Virginia
  12. He's not as exciting as Warren, Castro or Booker would have been, but he's smart, pragmatic and will get the job done.
  13. #imwithhimtoo
    Looking forward to seeing him wipe the floor with Pence tonight 💪