I know girls are amazing too, I am one! Boys are not appreciated enough for what they are. They are told by society to sit still, be quiet, don't make a mess, don't be rough, don't be boys, basically. It makes me mad. And obviously all boys are different and many girls have these traits. This is just my experience.
  1. They love their mommas! They love their daddy too of course but I think there is a special connection between moms and their boys.
  2. They are bundles of energy and see the world through a lens of excitement
  3. Super heroes!
  4. They love to make messes
    And get dirty
  5. They don't care about clothes other than wanting to be comfortable.
  6. Farts are funny
    And all bodily functions
  7. They love bugs
  8. They have big imaginations. Whole worlds come together in their heads.
  9. They are curious
  10. They are kind, often at unexpected times.
  11. They can turn anything into a weapon
  12. They love to try new things.
  13. They run for fun.
  14. They love camping and sleeping outside
    Specially the part where they get to pee on trees.
  15. They don't hold grudges
  16. They have made me a minimalist
    Because I haven't bothered to replace what they've accidentally broken.
  17. They can build stuff out of anything