To be clear, I worry about everything all the time. These are just a few specific ones I have about him.
  1. He is an extrovert who now shows some signs of social anxiety
    Social anxiety sucks for anyone who has it. But I think it must be worse for extroverts who have it. I'm an introvert so as bad as social anxiety is for me, I don't need people the way an extrovert does. So far I've been able to help him face his fears and get through things (I have a lifetime, of learning how to deal with it, to draw from) but I'm watching him closely.
  2. He has food issues
    He's a very selective eater. I think this might be one way his anxiety manifests. He is getting better and making some progress but if he doesn't show continued improvement, he will have to start therapy.
  3. He's a follower
    And I don't mean this in a negative way at all. He wants to belong. No shame in that. But I worry about him wanting to belong for the wrong reasons, or that he will do things he doesn't really want to do, to fit in. Which leads me to...
  4. He has a friend in the neighborhood who says racist things.
    And my husband and I don't know what to do about it. My son isn't allowed over at this kids house for several reasons, including the fact, they have a big ass confederate flag hanging in their garage. And the kid has said negative things about Hispanics to my son. I'm stuck because if I tell Gabriel he can't see this friend anymore, I'm the bad guy and he won't tell me important stuff. So for now the kid is still allowed to come over here. No solution feels right.
  5. He's so smart
    Smarter than me, I can tell even at his young age of 7. What if I mess up and he isn't able to reach his potential? What if I don't expose him enough to the right things or encourage him the right way?
  6. He has me for a mother
    Ok, I'm joking a little about this. But man, I come with a whole lot of baggage. My parents didn't raise me the same way I am trying to raise my kids. So I don't really have a blueprint to follow. I am also a neurotic mess. So I'm worried that just by being his mother, I'm going to mess him up.