Inspired by @Boogie
  1. She says "I don't really like politics. It doesn't affect my life."
  2. She thinks tattoos are stupid. And says "you'll regret that when you're old."
  3. She says "history is boring. It's in the past, who cares?"
  4. She doesn't drink coffee.
  5. She doesn't really like the taste of beer.
  6. She wears heels daily.
  7. She wears skinny jeans and thinks they're comfortable
  8. She hates exercise and only does it so she can control her weight.
  9. She's Republican.
  10. She thinks Fifty Shades of Gray was a fun read and no the guy wasn't abusive, he was just damaged.
  11. She thinks porn is gross and that people who watch it are damaged.
  12. She thinks George W would be fun to have a beer with.
  13. She thinks the South has no redeeming qualities.
  14. She hates getting sandy so avoids the beach
  15. She likes to tan so doesn't wear sunscreen
  16. She doesn't drink red wine, only Riesling or that pink stuff.
  17. She hits her kids because how else will they learn?
  18. She refuses to listen to popular music
  19. She refuses to read pop fiction
  20. She's never heard of
    Run! It's definitely an imposter. 😧