Dream Careers

I teacher 7th graders ELA... I love it (I'm aware there is something slightly off about me), but I also have some daydream jobs
  1. Soap opera writer (only for Days of Our Lives though. I'm loyal)
  2. Breastfeeding Assistant (for lack of better word). I would love to help women nurse- like have a 24 hour hotline where they can call me and I'll listen to them cry and try and help.
  3. The kind of writer who is reclusive and writes one really good, critically acclaimed book that moody college students love.
  4. The kind of writer that cranks out at least a book a month. The one that writes a kid's series like The Baby-Sitters Club and has kids write fanmail to them and I'm so busy writing I have a standard reply letter to my adoring eight year old fans.
  5. Someone who sits in a room and scores on-demands all day and/or critiques common assessments. I envision this job has me alone with my favorite fast foods and an arrangement of mechanical pencils.
  6. A teacher who taught 20 plus years ago, knowing what I know now, who doesn't have quite as much BS to do and actually gets to teach kids.
  7. A Real Housewife, but not the star, just a friend of the housewife. I want to go to parties and know drama, not be no drama (sorry Kandi). I'm open to bar at bottom of screen saying I'm a friend of Lisa V. Close enough where I still get to have a rich husband and be a kept and appreciated woman. For once I'd like to be like Nene and be the Jones'.