My first list. I wanted it to be something great, but kept coming back to Days. Oh well. Not going to be ashamed for my love of Days.
  1. Shawn and Belle
    Circa my high school days of 2001- not that I hate any other version of them. I think I blacked out during some years-- wasn't Shawn married to Mimi?? Anyway, can't believe they are back with a teenage Claire. We are same age! I'm not old enough to have a teenager!
  2. Jack and Jennifer
    I prefer the 1990s version of course, but I don't hate on anything with Matthew Ashford. Come back Jack!
  3. Abby and Chad
    First time in years I've been into a Days couple
  4. Sami/EJ or Sami/Lucas
    Sadly I honestly probably prefer Sami and EJ. Just ashamed because of rape to admit this.
  5. Bo and Hope
    But if Bo isn't there, she shouldn't sit around. I didn't hate her and Aiden and I like her and Rafe. On the other hand, I don't like seeing Jennifer with anyone else than Jack (but I could deal having Jack back with someone else)