4 Amazing, Worth-seeking-out Fried Chicken Sandwiches & a Burger Too (La Version)

I want to eat these things at all times, and you will too.
  1. Howlin' Rays
    Food truck with DELICIOUS Nashville-style hot chicken sandos. Batter has lots of brown sugar and paprika in it, yum. And ghost peppers, for hot hot heat. Get the French fries because you deserve them.
  2. Twins Sliders
    Walk-up window with spicy fried chicken sliders. Very simple, served with some pickle slices, but incredible. The cheeseburger sliders are dope too. This place gets NO LOVE which makes me sad because it's 💯.
  3. Son of a Gun
    One of the greatest things you can put in your mouth, period. Assuming you can fit it in your mouth, that is. So much juicy chicken, so much happy.
  4. Free Range
    Food truck with what has always struck me as a tempura-style batter. Jalapeño slaw on it. Yum.
    The double cheeseburger is legit messy heaven and you shouldn't sleep on it. Go for a late lunch, get the fries and a coupe of champagne, and then go home for a long, lazy nap. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.