Sometimes the skies really *are* friendly. Useful, too.
  1. The best day to return from a vacation.
    "Book your flight to get you home on Friday night or Saturday morning. That way you get to unpack, decompress, do laundry, and have a weekend before heading back to work. It's like a vacation from a vacation!" -told to me by a gregarious Australian on a SYD to LAX flight.
  2. Timothy Olyphant's best work on TV, besides Justified.
    "If you like Timothy Olyphant in Justified, watch him in Deadwood." -told to me by Danny DeVito (!!!) on a JFK to LAX flight.
  3. Where to get incredible Vietnamese food in Honolulu (which isn't much of a foodie city, sadly).
    "Duc's Bistro is an amazing local secret. There's no scene, it's run by the family that owns it, and is amazing." -told to me by an early Facebook employee who now lives on Oahu half the year, on a JFK to LAX flight.
  4. The secret to a successful relationship if you are a successful woman.
    "He doesn't need to make as much money as you do, or be as "powerful," but he does need to have reached a level of success in his own world/field. My best relationship was when I was a C-level executive at a network and he was a tenured college professor and head of his department. We both felt like we were succeeding in our fields." -told to me by a fancy NYC executive lady on a JFK to LAX flight.
  5. Why you're not supposed to fly for 24 hours after food poisoning, minimum.
    "If you fly sooner, the pressure can trigger more spasms, and make you throw up all over again." -told to me by a kind Virgin America flight attendant as I barfed the entire way from LAX to JFK. Damn you, shrimp tacos on a Sunday.