Including what to order!
  1. Ysabel
    New spot from the lovely Laurel Hardware team. Super gorgeous, with two bars, a private room, indoor and outdoor seating (pepper trees on the patio!), and a big outdoor space for lounging. Great for dates and/or girls’ nights out. Must Order: sierra gold potatoes (like the best/most rich mashed potatoes ever), Brussels sprouts (the ones with sunchokes), agnolotti (I’m not a huge oxtail fan, but this is seriously insanely delicious, octopus, chicken (so good).
  2. Petit Trois
    The charming, no reservations, 24-seat companion to Chef Ludo’s renown Trois Mec, this tiny jewel box of restaurant is just mouth heaven. I dream about the oversized gougere (it’s like the best gruyere-infused popover, ever), the chicken leg, and the omelet (it’s stuffed with creamy, herby boursin cheese) on a near nightly basis. And if you like garlic, the escargots are insanely good. Must Order: gougere, escargots, chicken leg, omelet, croquet monsieur, chocolate cake
  3. Cofax
    This place only serves coffee and the best breakfast burrito in the city. The burrito—which has lovely crunchy bits inside and comes with delish salsa—may be ordered in one of four ways: regular, add avocado, add chorizo, or add avocado and chorizo. Obvi I choose the latter, as should you. Must Order: breakfast burrito, add avocado and chorizo; flat white; the Donut Snob donut that has a lemon-y glaze and mixed berries on top.
  4. Night + Market Song
    Incredible street-food style Thai food in a casually cool environment. The crispy rice salad is honestly one of the best things I’ve ever eaten in my life and is really not so much like a salad. I insist on getting it every time I go. I dream about it. You should order it. Must Order: larb gai (chicken larb), som tum (papaya salad), nam khao tod (crispy rice salad), pad kee mao (drunken noodles with short ribs), kinda anything.
  5. Alimento
    Chef Zach Pollack (of Sotto) makes Cali-Itali food that just sings, from the chicken liver crostone (one of the best) to chopped salad (I think they put crack in it) to the tortellini in brodo (it’s basically a Shanghai soup dumpling by way of Emilia). Must Order: Pig in a blanket, chicken liver crostone, chopped salad, yellowtail collar affumicato, tortellini in brood, whole wheat bigoli, whatever whole grilled fish or meat they have that day
  6. Pine & Crane
    I’m currently crazy about this casual (like place-your-order-at-the-counter casual) Taiwanese food spot in Silver Lake, which is so cozy and carb-y and comforting. Must Order: pork dumplings, beef roll (the must-order order), potstickers, dan dan noodles (the best I’ve had outside of NYC), zha jiang noodles.