Because everyone has birthdays.
  1. Ysabel
    The new spot from the Laurel Hardware fellows, there's an outdoor private dining area that is walled off from the rest of the joint with big white billowy curtains. Sounds very early 2000s J. Lo music video, but it is lovely.
  2. A.O.C.
    The private upstairs room at A.O.C. is like a chic cabin in the sky.
  3. Pizzeria Mozza
    It's a little wine cave-like situation to right when you walk in. Not the most private, but good for a party.
  4. Croft Alley
    Located behind Alfred Coffee on Melrose Place, this semi-secret breakfast/lunch spot also can do private dinners! Best for under 20 people.
  5. Covell
    Next door to the awesome Silver Lake wine bar is a private room that's cute for small parties.
  6. Cecconi's
    If you're an exhibitionist, you can raise the curtains that shield the private room from the main dining room, or keep them closed and get as debauched as you want.
  7. Gjelina
    Upstairs private room/apartment -- with an outdoor deck. Excellent for a dinner party or a small event.
    Suggested by @Price
  8. Foodshop
    Normally an invite-only private dining excursion in a house in Venice (with a suggested minimum donation per person), they also have a private room option you can book. Incredible food and BYOB.
  9. Scopa Italian Roots
    Like A.O.C. and Gjelina, Scopa also has a private second-floor dining room.