These are my go-to picks, but please send suggestions too!
  1. TTH Blooms
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    My favorite of the bunch (pun intended!), definitely check out the flowers by fashion-editor-and-street-style-star-turned-florist Taylor Tomasi Hill. She’s THE go-to girl for those who are in the know. @tthblooms on Instagram.
  2. Miho
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    If Miho’s flowers are good enough for Anna Wintour and a notoriously finicky shoe designer (who shall not be named), they’re probably good enough for you. Definitely expensive tho, so be warned. No website or social, as far as I know, but there is a phone number: 212-922-9122.
  3. Putnam & Putnam
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    A Manhattan fashion favorite, Putnam pops up in loads of print editorials—like Vogue—and does a fair amount of flowers for events (ranging from Moda Operandi parties to NYFW presentations) and companies/stores like Saks and The Line. They do smaller, individual deliveries too. Reminds me a bit of Bloom & Plume in LA.
  4. Michael George
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    Aside from the fact that I want to flip & reverse this company’s name so that it sounds more Bluth-ian, this is another good option, located in the East Village. You can search by color or flower species, the latter of which is great if you’re getting flowers for an anemone lover or a ranunculus freak. Pretty good prices for NYC flowers too!
  5. Belle Fleur
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    Think of Belle Fleur as the Empty Vase of New York, so in other words: a great, easy option to have in your back pocket. They were the *thing* when I worked at ELLE (uh, like 10 years ago) and they’re still going strong. I like that their site arranges the flowers in different color/vibe types, like “citrus,” “sunset” and “jewel.”
  6. Saipua *the green, no pun intended, choice*
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    A Brooklyn-based florist (with a focus on weddings), the Saipua team delivers in Manhattan and Brooklyn, but only on Wednesdays through Saturdays. The company emphasizes sustainability and growing “clean” flowers, and does event work for brands like Louis Vuitton and Fendi.
  7. Adore
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    This relatively reasonably priced Noho shop happily has loads of different photo options to look at, so you get a specific sense of their work and can tweak your order accordingly. Loved by the downtown technocrat crowd, they also deliver to Manhattan and most of Brooklyn, and will do same-day delivery if you order online before 1 p.m., which is nice.
  8. Emily Thompson Flowers
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    Recommended to me by my lovely pal Jane Herman Bishop (she’s the co-founder of Jean Stories and the style director of Travel + Leisure), they did the flowers for her wedding, and she has the best taste ever, so that’s a win in my book. Online they have four standard arrangements—ranging from $95-$350—but you can make requests and give design directions.
  9. Posies
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    Located on the Upper West Side, this flower shop is dedicated to creating (more) affordable arrangements. A self-proclaimed “bouquet shop”—with an emphasis on monochromatic bouquets made of three or so types of flowers—they also do classes & custom work.
  10. Flower Girl NYC
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    Suggested by @alexandrafiber
  11. BRRCH
    Britt has a mental eye and a super creative aesthetic when it comes to arranging. Everything looks like a watercolor painting! It's crazy! She's seriously next-level 🙌
    Suggested by @carlyewisel
  12. Sycamore Bar & Flower Shop
    is a bar and a flower shop! what could be more chic?
    Suggested by @dirtypigeon