Two words: Shareen Vintage. But that would make a short list, so here are some others @Abby/world.
  1. LA Vintage Fashion Expo
    This amazing shopping event happens three times a year in LA and twice a year in SF, and it’s glorious. Loads of vendors from all over bring their best stuff and there are often great deals to be had. I found out from vintage expert Liz Goldwyn that you can pay a little more for an “early bird” ticket, which gives you first access to the best stuff. The next one in LA is in May!
  2. LA/Burbank: Playclothes
    Beloved by costume designers, and they have good men’s stuff too. Two new stores just opened, Slone Vintage and Iconic Vintage, which I haven’t been to, but hearing good things.
  3. LA/Melrose: American Vintage
    Last August I had to buy a big selection of vintage kimono for a party, and I got the majority of them at American Vintage on Melrose. Kinda hit or miss, but very low prices and lots of great options for costume parties. (Not so many fancy pieces FYI.)
  4. LA/La Brea: The Way We Wore
    Okay, so they’re not inexpensive, but they’re amazing and all the girls who work there are experts. This is where I get dresses for any sort of red carpet event situation I have to go to. The have really great sales though, usually about twice a year. Oh, and now select pieces are available online too. OH AND THEY GOT ME INTO VINTAGE MERRYWIDOWS, which are the best thing ever. Ever ever.
  5. LA/Los Feliz: Paper Moon Vintage
    Lots of dresses, and pretty much everything here is from before the mid-1960s, so if you’re looking for getting your Roaring ‘20s or Victorian on, this is a good option.
  6. LA/NYC: Shareen Vintage is ????
    There are no dressing rooms, and no boys allowed inside, so just be prepared. That said, it’s a huge warehouse (LA) filled with amazing stuff at WILDLY reasonable prices. Weirdly, no NYC girls go to the one in New York, which is too bad because though smaller, it has an awesome selection of party dresses and winter coats. I have bought approximately 25% of my wardrobe at one of Shareen's two locations.
  7. Online: Dear Golden
    My friend Claire Thomas of The Kitchy Kitchen told me about this online shop and I love it. Not a huge selection, but definitely worth a periodic browse.