Because Evernote is 💯 Also @jon / world, feel free to add your hacks and ways you use it! Hope this helps @jennikonner.
  1. Download Evernote on your phone.
    I also have on my laptop and desktop; one account TO RULE THEM ALL. Just kidding, but it does sync across all three, which is veddy, veddy, veddy helpful.
  2. Use it to create notes for yourself or save important info in one, easily accessible place.
    You can create a traditional text note, a reminder, or a cute LIST with boxes next to each item, which you can ☑️ when done. Very satisfying for Virgos, just saying.
  3. Create tags.
    I use Evernote to store both tried-and-true recipes, as well as new ones I discover whilst researching or reading. I like having them all in one place—each one is tagged RECIPE, so I can access even more easily— so that I can pull them up quickly at the grocery store and see all the ingredients. Never starting to cook something and realize I'm missing something key halfway through? Priceless.
  4. Create shortcuts.
    I have things like my LA, NYC, SF, and Chicago restaurant lists in my shortcut folder, so that I can pull them up and add to them midst conversation.
  5. Get organized.
    In addition to restaurants and recipes, I also always have a running list of potential presents (both general category as well as special single-person lists for my VIPs), which is particularly helpful at the holidays, and helps me get my shopping done early. Also, I have an ongoing a list of wardrobe wants, so that if I happen across a sale, I know to look for gray pointy-toe pumps and not get distracted by some Givenchy craziness.
  6. Get inspired.
    Every time I travel somewhere, I research it and compile all the info into one Evernote doc. So like for my upcoming (first time!) trip to Tulum I'm taking w/@jonathanleahy (for his birthday!), I've talked to approx 6-8 friends about their experiences there, and put top suggestions into one master Tulum travel tips document.
  7. Entertain yourself.
    I also use Evernote as a catch-all for anything I want to remember, from funny memoir titles to random inside jokes to the measurements of the furniture in my living room (so that I know if that side table I randomly want to buy will be too tall for the pair of armchairs it would sit between).
  8. Add a Fujitsu scansnap scanner and then you can scan in important documents like birth certificates, etc
    Suggested by @jon
  9. Install the browser extension
    You can use it to "clip" webpages so they're available offline, or so you can annotate them. This is great for recipes - like @hillarykerr I then tag them so I can see "dinner" or "dessert" recipes easily. I also create plane reading for when I have a flight without wifi - I clip articles/essays/ebooks and read through them on my iPad.
    Suggested by @kelly