Excellent Florists in LA That Fashion/all Girls Like

Girls like me.
  1. Pete's Buds
    One of our former DomaineHome.com editors, Peter Dolkas, just started a floral side project, Pete's Buds, and it's amazing. I've commissioned him to do the flowers for my house twice a month, and he does an INCREDIBLE job. No website yet, but contact info is on his Instagram, @petesbuds, or I can put you in touch.
  2. The Bosky Dell
    A very chic person sent me no-occasion flowers from The Bosky Dell recently and it was the prettiest arrangement I have ever seen. Their site/Instagram doesn't convey how vibrant their blooms are, so don't be fooled. http://bit.ly/1FfsxXz
  3. Bloom & Plume
    Beloved by the fashion set, they're known for sprawling, horizontal arrangements that look a little wild. They make for great dining room centerpieces/mantel decor, and they have excellent options that are a little more masculine/not super girly. http://bit.ly/1Ef7Lpg
  4. Empty Vase
    Same-day and weekend delivery (which is rare), the Empty Vase is an excellent, all-purpose option. The website is great because it shows every single option, and you can order online. I often use their images to send to florists in other cities as reference (when I'm ordering flowers there, not just to be a spaz). Their best options are dense, short, and in square or round vases; avoid the taller options IMHO. I like the "Lemonade" option, personally. http://bit.ly/1Ffsw5O