Too many to remember, but here is my attempt!
  1. The best rooms (with room numbers!) to request at the Bowery Hotel!
    Thanks @Price!
  2. Get a martini with the olives (jalapeño blue cheese stuffed ones for me please) on the side so your glass is totally full.
    Thanks @ruddybuddy! Your dad sounds rad.
  3. 1000 feet (as the lady from Waze is always yammering about) is about two city blocks.
    Not sure where I read this, but I think it was a @gabimoskowitz comment in a convo with @bjnovak? So thanks guys!
  4. The best episodes of Alec Baldwin's podcast "Here's The Thing" are the ones with Lorne Michaels & Jerry Seinfeld.
    Thank you @ricky!
  5. You can listen to podcasts whilst drying your hair!
    Thank you for making this boring process a little more interesting @AllisonWilliams!
  6. All kinds of wine and food suggestions from geniuses.
    Esp you @HJ! And @sandydanto's dope east side list. And @gabimoskowitz! And @bjnovak! And @grapefriend! And @eatthelove! And @molliekatzan! And now @eater too!
  7. How to request my FBI file!
    Didn't even know that was a thing @Alex!
  8. The best bookstores in New York!
    @lenadunham this is a gift to us all that I will treasure for life.
  9. Where my phone is!
    @bobbyhundreds this one made me laugh. Like a lot. Your surfing one was genius too.
  10. So much awesomeness on the psychology front, like narcissism, spectorating, and more.
    @ouizoid Your lists are so warm and wise and wonderful and well written. Everyone should read all of them.
  11. Excellent sneaks/boots/jeans for dudes.
    @jonathan has great taste. I am reminded anew.
  12. Genius facts about buying a house, not that I'm there yet. (And I'm scared of everything!)
    @KatherinePower and @jon slay in this department, and many others.
  13. Babies don't have kneecaps! Say what!
    Thanks @sally
  14. '90s hip-hop songs we should all know and love.
  15. Own a simple pointy pump in ever color.
    Thanks @mindy! This has become my personal quest, especially the Manolo BB in colors like coral. I'm now constantly hunting.
  16. The best flowers for decorating your home like a cool prop stylist.
    That bit about citrus for a tablespace @laure? Genius!
  17. Sassy "in the know" medical speak.
    "No green bananas!" Using this to describe the emotional state of friends who are falling out of love with their SOs @AlexandraLouise!