The easiest way to elevate your jeans + tee look: add a "third piece" and make smart choices about accessories. Also: make sure your jeans are GOOD and RIGHT for your body (fuck trends). PS: sorry this took me so long @AlexandraLouise, but hope it helps?
  1. Tuck in that shiz.
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    I know this is a jeans-and-a-button-down-blouse outfit, but still. She's added a simple-but-cool black belt and black pointy heels and though the outfit is totally understated, it's chic as hell, no?
  2. Add a soft third piece (relaxed blazer) and a shoe in a slightly unexpected color.
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    Notice the ankle-grazing cropped hem & tucked-in tee?
  3. Go for a monochromatic all-white look.
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    Again, it's a blouse, but you get the idea.
  4. Tie your belt in a cool way and oh wait, add a third piece.
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    Cuffed and pushed-up sleeves = stylist trick.
  5. Wear a striped tee and a silky neckerchief situation.
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    THE THIRD PIECE STRIKES AGAIN! The blazer makes it better, as does the cuffed/pushed-up sleeve situation.
  6. Pair an army jacket (THIRD PIECE!) with a coordinating t-shirt.
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    Brown leather belt: classic. White jeans: look fresh. Mens watch, aviators, a few dainty prices of jewelry: timeless accessories
  7. Style your favorite white tee with thrashed jeans, a polished, menswear-inspired blazer, and strong heels.
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    As always, notice the details: slouchy oversized suede day clutch and bold necklaces.
  8. Pick a vintage-inspired graphic tee or sweater.
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    Espadrilles are cool here too, a twist on a basic flat.
  9. Monochromatic works in basic blue too!
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    Again, half tuck that shiz.
  10. Make it WAY more interesting with a statement jacket/blazer and thoughtful accessories.
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    Slouchy ankle boots + wide-brimmed hat + classic duffle bag = super cool. The fact that the accessories are all in earthy neutrals is nice too.
  11. Up your shoe game and add a tux jacket.
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    Not to harp on this, but notice the cuffed sleeves?!?
  12. You know what, monochromatic works in an all-black look too!
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    Especially with a THIRD PIECE/blazer, interesting belt, and cut-out ankle boots in a cool material (lace!).