Game of Thrones season premieres call for #dadjoke-worthy homemade ice cream flavors. Please help me + @jonathan create the ultimate options for a real-life dinner party?
  1. Jon Snow Cones
    Something rolled in white sprinkles for that I-live-in-the-North REALISM.
  2. Red Velvet Wedding
    Pretty sure you get this one. Needless to say, it slays.
  3. Little Butterfinger
    Vanilla with a sinister amount of Butterfinger chunks mixed in. Even Petyr would approve?
  4. Imp Chocolate Chip
    I don't know if Tyrion Lannister is into mint, but let's just assume. Alternative name: Mother Of Dragons Mint Chip.
  5. Arya Stark Chocolate
    I'd actually like this to be a dark chocolate rocky road, because that girl has sure not had a smooth path.
  6. Jaime & Cersei Swirl
    Two flavors that are related and weirdly good together?
  7. Khalisea salt and caramel.
    Suggested by @MissBicks
  8. The Maester Mix
    Vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips, pretzel nibs and finished with just enough Milk of the Poppy to numb any pain and have you sleeping through winter.
    Suggested by @LeighBelz
  9. brienne of tart
    creamy, tangy and a little bit tart. great topped with fresh fruit.
    Suggested by @lindsaygelfand