Everything I like about the desert. All appropriate for adults who like nice things and are lazy (no architecture tours or hikes on this list). There's a cool budget-friendly, kid-friendly, outdoors-y way to do the desert. This is not the list for that.
  1. STAY: Colony Palms Hotel
    Designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard, this is my fave hotel in the Sprangs. Chic and full of attractive people who aren't jerks, it's also very dog-friendly AND close enough that you can walk to Birba, Cheeky's, and Workshop (my three favorite places to eat).
  2. STAY: Sparrows Lodge
    Newish boutique hotel, 20 rooms, no TVs, close to the Ace. Low key and rustic chic, designed by the same folks who did the Korakia Pensione, also in the Sprangs.
  3. STAY: The Parker Palm Springs
    Designed by Jonathan Adler, this is the more kid-friendly Chateau of the desert. Great, sprawling grounds, bigger than the Colony Palms, and the breakfast at Norma's is grand. Could use a refresh IMHO and better service, but it's still pretty delightful.
  4. EAT: Workshop
    A newish, totally chic, group-friendly, thoughtfully designed dinner spot with really great, slightly pricey food. They do something with beets and lentils that is 💯, and I'm bored by those two things normally.
  5. EAT: Birba
    Outdoor dinner spot with lots of pizzas and pastas and a decent cheese plate. Owned by the peeps who do Cheeky's. Closed sometimes in high summer, so check first!
  6. EAT: Cheeky's
    THE best breakfast, better than most places in LA. The line is always super long, but it's worth for the bacon flight. YES, BACON FLIGHT. Great drinks and pancakes and huevos too.
  7. EAT: Tyler's Burgers
    Cash only, totally classic burger joint. Cheese fries. Bam.
  8. EAT: King's Highway
    The resto at The Ace Hotel gives good breakfast.
  9. EAT: Norma's
    Like the famed breakfast spot in NYC, this Norma's has very decadent breakfast, but the fish tacos are what I always get. Oh god, so good.
  10. DRINK: Bootlegger Tiki
    Very small, charming tiki bar across from Workshop. Dangerous but swell.
  11. SHOP: The Estate Company
    Across the street from the Parker, this multi-building mostly vintage furniture store(s) can yield some real gems.
  12. SHOP: Angel View Thrift
    Multiple locations, very hit (vintage Bob Mackie dress for $100! Great vintage cookbooks!) or super super super miss.