And you should too, even if you hate cooking.
  1. No-Recipe Recipe Wednesdays, in which NYT Food Editor Sam Sifton gives you some broad-stroke ideas on how to make something, like quick-roasted chicken with tarragon and Dijon. They're always uncomplicated, awesome suggestions that anyone can understand and execute.
  2. At some point, for reasons I don't fully understand, one newsletter contained a link to a video of Stevie Nicks singing a never-produced version of "Wild Heart," shot at a Rolling Stone photo shoot in the early '80s. It's incredible. YouTube it now.
  3. Three words: Melissa Clark recipes. She's one of the best recipe writers out there, and every newsletter includes at least one of her foolproof ideas.
  4. Every Monday, the newsletter suggests an outline of what to cook for the week. Even if I'm not into it, it makes me think about getting ahead of the (food) game in a good way.
  5. There are loads of very timely recipe suggestions, like chili when a huge storm is about to hit or Super Bowl snacks a couple of days before the big game. It's like they know *exactly* what you're craving.