And, as a hotel slut who has stayed everywhere in town, I should know.
  1. Room service
    From Gemma downstairs, it's mad delicious and there's no crazy markup, so you can eat breakfast without having to take out a loan. Also: usually quite fast!
  2. Cute staff, very cute
    Not that I'm looking.
  3. Everyone in town will happily meet you at your hotel for drinks
    No New Yorker ever really *wants* to go to a hotel...except for the Bowery. And I'm slightly lazy, so it's nice to have a cool place to drink that's approximately six floors from my bed.
  4. Bathtubs!
    If you are lucky or know what to ask for, you can get a room with a giant bathtub & a view of the Empire State Building from said tub of delight.
  5. Proximity to good food / Elizabeth Street / Mulberry Street
    There are so many great restaurants in walking distance, it's crazy. Il Buco Alimentari, Rubirosa, Great Jones Cafe, Cherche Midi, Egg Shop, Cafe Habana, The Smile, Vic's, Lafayette...and like 1000 more.
  6. Many places to plug in my phone
    Like on either side of the bed! And many places to plug in my computer! And curling iron! It's so nice not having to hunt!
  7. Bo the Bowery Bear
    There is a nattily-attired stuffed bear on your bed. That is Bo. He is rad.
  8. Free wi-fi
    I'm not cheap, but it pains me to pay $20 for wi-fi at a fancy hotel.
  9. C.O. Bigelow toiletries
    I am a snob about this stuff, and the Bowery's products are great. I steal them, unabashedly.
  10. Always cool about loaning steamers/clothing racks
    Hotels can be stingy about loaning the above things, but not the Bowery. And I am the person who hangs and steams all of her clothes immediately upon arrival, so I appreciate it.
  11. Good snacks and mini bar, available at reasonable prices
    Tiny Diet Cokes in tiny bottles? Check! Kit-Kats in the fridge so they don't get gross melty? Check! Salt & vinegar potato chips? Check! Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies? Not sure why you'd want them, but check!
  12. Wine in room
    As in a complimentary bottle & a note that says "welcome back," which is nice!
  13. Fairy lights in trees out front
    I know this is a silly thing to include, but it's pretty, looks festive, and just makes me happy.
  14. Mario, Jamie, Abby, et al.
    It just doesn't get much better.
    Suggested by @angcutt