I’m kind of obsessed with Melissa Clark’s recipes. They always work and are delicious. She is my (not-so) secret weapon for throwing great dinner parties.
  1. Brown Butter Skillet Cornbread
    It’s incredible and looks lovely because you bake it in a skillet. Just as good the next day. Ideal to serve with soups when cold, but I think would be nice with fried chicken and a watermelon/feta salad in the summer. Also: this recipe *may* be the reason @jonathan fell for me, just saying. http://nyti.ms/19JsZ40
  2. Pork Schnitzel with Quick Pickles
    This is the recipe that freed me of my fear of frying! Made this for an #empire ("Ask about me.") dinner, and it went over like gangbusters. Watch Clark's video for her wrist-swirling/oil-cascading technique. Oh yeah: this one is easy AND fast. Yay! http://nyti.ms/1BSTMSZ
  3. White Chicken Potpie
    If you have an afternoon to cook and a big group of people to feed for dinner, then make them this potpie. They will freak the fuck out: it’s that good. Side note: I mix little pecan bits into my biscuit dough, and then sprinkle with sea salt just before popping into the oven. And don’t be scared of the biscuit topping; they’re drop biscuits, so they’re mad easy. http://nyti.ms/1Dy9F5K
  4. Vietnamese Steak with Cucumber Salad
    If you have a barbecue, you need to make this (though allegedly you can broil it too, meh). Get the best REAL flank steak you can find; that’s key. Also could be great served as tacos, or on a toasted pretzel bread baguette with a little sriracha Veganase…#justsayin. http://nyti.ms/1GiNnWd
  5. Raw Tuscan Kale Salad
    Everyone has a kale salad, and this one is mine. Note: I put waaaaaay more garlic and red pepper flakes in mine (and suggest that you should as well, if you like those two things), usually only use approximately half the dressing, and prefer pretzel bread for the homemade croutons. http://nyti.ms/19JsZkx
  6. Pasta with Burst Cherry Tomatoes
    Crazy amounts of fresh mint and scallions on top makes this simple pasta dish an unexpected visual delight. The fresh ricotta, garlic, and pancetta inside? Also delightful. A perfect summer dish. Serves loads. Stoners like to eat it cold the next day, I hear. http://nyti.ms/1BSTKKM
  7. Chocolate Pecan Pie
    I am not super into pecan pie, but this one is quite chocolate-y, which makes it a-okay in my book. Truthfully, I use a frozen pie crust because I can’t fuck with pie dough in my LA kitchen, but no one seems to notice. http://nyti.ms/1Dy9F5V
  8. Porchetta Pork Chops
    My first attempt at making pork chops went very well, thanks to this herby, fresh, fast recipe. http://nyti.ms/1GiNnWi
  9. Meat and Potato Skillet Gratin
    Do not be afraid of the cooking time: this recipe is a breeze and the results are cozy goodness. I think @jonathan & I used russet potatoes and sweet potatoes because we couldn’t find rutabaga, and it worked out just fine. IMHO, you could double the spinach, if you’re into being virtuous, or whatever. http://nyti.ms/19Jt2gj