Sometimes the patio > food, but sometimes that's okay! @HJ what am I missing? So many, I'm sure, it's a Monday, after all, but hopefully this is a decent start @bjnovak!
  1. A.O.C.
    Order the Spanish fried chicken (which is also available on a cornmeal waffle at brunch) and some bacon-wrapped dates and embrace this genteel patio.
  2. Ysabel
    New and pretty, this place is the sexier, more grown-up second establishment from the Laurel Hardware folks. I prefer it on regular weekdays (no Fri/Sat; it's a little crazy). Reminds me of Soho House, a touch, with the olive trees.
  3. E.P. & L.P.
    New spot in Weho, this ones all about the roof deck (there a "private" side, Frankie's and the regular L.P. rooftop bar + Asian street food stuffs). It's cute; go before it gets douched up.
  4. Gracias Madre
    The Vegan Mexican food concept upsets me, but the guacamole is grand, they have a delightful array of tequilas, and the patio is truly gorgeous.
  5. Cliff's Edge
    Who said Silver Lake can't be romantic? (I did! And I was wrong!) It's a sexy patio with a giant tree in the middle and the food was better than I expected. Good date-night spot.
  6. Dominick's
    Still the go-to if you need to organize a reasonably priced dinner for 30 of your friends. 95% of this place is patio, which is highly unusual for LA.
  7. BHH/Polo Lounge
    Bougie McCarthy salads and regular Warren Beaty sightings at lunchtime. I will not eat here on my own dime, personally, for a variety of reasons.
  8. Laurel Hardware
    The patio is still one of my favorite places in town, especially for boozy brunches.
  9. Terrine
    Much better & quieter than the main indoor restaurant!
  10. Chateau Marmont
    Do you have Brits in town from London? Take them here, they will die for it. Always popular and mostly for good reason. This remains *the* go-to spot for the fashion industry's work dinner parties. New Yorkers lurve it too.
  11. Gjelina (ish)
    "Ish" because it's so small, is it really a patio? But there the private dining space with a BIG patio upstairs, which definitely counts. Either way, I love the food. Still.
  12. Eveleigh (ish)
    "Ish" because it's mostly covered, but technically still outdoor dining on Sunset.
  13. Goldie's (ish)
    "Ish" because it's small, but it exists!
  14. Maré
    The new all-patio joint from Mr Grilled Chese a.k.a. Eric Greenspan, hidden on Melrose.
  15. Perch
    Downtown, also has a rooftop bar.
    Suggested by @sam
  16. Yamashiro, Hinoki & the Bird, Nobu Malibu, Red O, Chosun
    Suggested by @bobbyhundreds
  17. Bowery Bungalow in Silverlake and Little Door in Weho
    Suggested by @Suzanne
  18. Zinque in Weho or Venice
    Suggested by @JP
  19. L&E
    Upstairs patio overlooking Silver Lake Blvd. Oysters and champagne, how could you forget this one, darlin'?
    Suggested by @jonathan
  20. Cecconi's
    Suggested by @cristopher