A sampling/love letter, below.
  1. The hair color/cut chameleons.
    You are spectacular to me. Because you're actually having fun with beauty. And are confident. And know that you can look beautiful lots of different ways, which is a concept I know to be universally true, but yet is personally foreign to me.
  2. The straight talkers.
    Meaning: I'm not going to say this is a fluffy way so that your ego can handle it, rather, I'm just going to be direct because we are all grownups here. PS: I think this can still be done in a tactful way. PPS: I sometimes tell myself I'm just being polite, but is that really true? Eh.
  3. The willing exercisers.
    @jennikonner remind me of this today. Women who exercise every day—because it keeps their head in check; not because they are scared of not being a sample size—are magical to me. Because my favorite sport is reading.
  4. The delegators.
    This is hard for me. I know it's necessary and that there are tricks for it, but I also feel like I don't understand things if I don't do them myself. A fallacy, to be sure.
  5. The nurturers.
    I have limits to how nurturing—and patient, which goes along with it, in my head—I can be. At a certain point it occasionally feels like enabling to me, but that's probably because I ain't doing it right.
  6. The no-makeup mavens.
    Found primarily in New York. There is something so chic and strong about it, and I love the idea of just being you, all the time, with no artifice and no fucks given. It's so beautiful. But the thought of leaving my house without mascara terrifies me. Mostly because I look like an albino bunny rabbit without mascara, but still.
  7. The stoic.
    And by this I also mean: the ones who don't cry at the drop of a hat. I laugh very easily, but I cry very easily too, and feel less comfortable with the latter. I cry because things are great, horrible, sentimental, sweet, or just a commercial with some sort of dad/daughter scenario. No poker face, personally, but admiring of those who have one.